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The Kurios Adventure of Cirque

Ever heard of an adventure date? These are those surprise moments that have no warning, are out of the norm, and keep the fun and spice up in a relationship. And, in spite of the fact that he had to get up at 5:30am this morning and that this date would take us well into the midnight hour, the A-Man pulled one off! Last night he surprised me with a spur-of-the-moment outing to see Cirque du Soleil’s Kurios.

I got to see the human body literally do magical things in front of my eyes. Might I add, any Cirque show has been on my life-long to-do list forever! Back in the day, Bravo used to air their shows on T.V. and I would always be mesmerized. It is literally astounding what the human body can do and the imagination can create! Secretly, I always imagined myself doing these bendy contortions that surely require the removal of any skeletal structure in the body. I mean, I do have a certain amount of agility… but I’ll be honest. I have neither the skill nor the dedication for that take on, so I’m willing to be the bedazzled spectator, oohing and awing.

I don’t even know where to begin. Yes, I do- the circus tent! Oh! My! Holy-moly! I literally freaked when we pulled up and I realized that we were going to be entering an honest-to-goodness circus tent, stripes and all! I seriously felt like I was entering movie-making moments here! I think I have only been under the “top” once in my life. I might have been 4 or 5 and if memory serves, there may have even been an elephant ride. Maybe I made this memory up, maybe it was real. Either way, it probably says a lot about why this seemed like such a moment that my eye’s literally popped the way a kid does when eating cotton candy for the first time!

The Kurios theme had a steam-punk feel to it and some

creatures that resembled a little bit of the 5th Element world, another movie favorite, might I add. I was able to snap a couple of pictures before the show started, but after that, I was in eye-candy la-la land! The Kurios world defied gravity, it made my jaw drop, I even had an opera singer moment when they hand-launched a man onto a standing tower of 3 other men and they nailed it!!! Yes, that hollering woman was me.

At one point in time, the A-Man leaned over to me and wondered at how they even thought this stuff up. I mean, who does come up with the idea of making a trampoline the ocean? Or turning a hand into a break-dancer that steals the show? Who says, you know- juggling is cool, but what would be cooler is if we launch the juggler up and down in the air while he keeps juggling! Yes, person who thought this, you were right! It was cooler! Way cooler.

I can only imagine the time and effort that each of these performers put in on a daily basis to have such exact skill. It has got to be a tremendous amount of dedication, right? It’s not like you can just say to your trapeze partner, “I’m good. I think I’ve got this. I mean, if you drop, it’s just serious head trauma, right? No biggie.” How many other professions does a person need to put so much effort into it to make sure that they are always 100% awesome?

At the end of it all, I left with my imagination on fire and an intoxication of pure awe. This was a night well spent. I could literally watch it again and again and still be amazed.

So hooray for adventure dates and hooray for feeling like a kid again! It challenges me to come up with my own crafty sequel to our on-going romantic surprises. I know that we are not the only ones who do this. I have many friends that practice this fun way of courting each other for the long run. I would love to hear about one of your favorite adventure dates! Share in the comments below, maybe we might have some fun ideas to swap! In the meanwhile, keep up the adventure and keep up the fun!

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