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And the Winner is...

So, I'm 17 1/2 weeks into this whole pregnancy deal. I must say, it has been quite the journey. Having been on this quest for the past 4 1/2 years, I've grilled so many mom's about what it is like to be pregnant. Nothing could have prepared me for the actual experience.

I now know that if I were ever to have the option to choose a super power, it would not be an enhanced sense of smell. I got the pleasure of that for a good month or two and it was horrible, awful. So bad that I outlawed any sort of food prep in my home for the duration. Thank goodness that sense seems to be returning back to pre-pregnancy average-ness.

Eating? Well, let's just say there are two questions that I get most when people find out that I'm pregnant. Have you gotten any weird cravings is one of them. No, no I haven't. When it comes to food, it has been more about what I can actually look at and find palatable than what I can't get enough of. I also have to make sure I eat by a certain time, or I get sick and throw up. Then I have to make sure I don't eat too much, because then I get sick and throw up. Of course, there is also just getting sick to throw up... just because. It has been the best weight loss plan I have ever been on. I lost 10 lbs in the first month living on cereal and Totino's pizza's. It was the only thing I could regularly ingest.

I was really excited because more food groups have introduced themselves back into my eating vocabulary lately and it had been a full week since the last yack-fest. Silly me. That beautiful reprieve was put to rest this morning with a heaving session that ensures I will have abs of steel. See? There is an upside to everything.

So on to the real question that's on everyone's minds. How do I know this? Because it is the number one question that I get asked. Is it a boy, or a girl? What's a-brewin' in my belly? I get it. I was an inquiring mind that wanted to know, too. What's cool is that I didn't have to wait until 20 weeks to find out from an ultrasound. They can now figure it out with a simple blood test. If I have little Y chromosomes running amuck in me, I've got a little boy. No Y chromosomes? Then it is a girl.

Are you ready? Because the answer is finally here for you to know. Is it the Rooster or the Hen that is the winner? (Don't get the reference? Check out our reveal video HERE.) Well, actually, the A-Man and I are the real winners. Despite all this hubbub going on with my body, we are the ones that get to keep this little future bundle of joy and we are pretty freakin' excited!

As we like to do, we had a little fun with this, so I hope you enjoy it! Kick back, relax and enjoy the show...

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