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Welcome the Year of the Rooster!

It's a new year and I couldn't think of a better way to kick it off than by celebrating that this is the year of the Rooster, or as the A-Man likes to call it, The Year of the Cock. Since it happens to be one of his favorite past-time collectables, we decided to get together as a family and do a little Rooster celebration.

Also, my What'sApp has been exploding over the last week from my Asian friends celebrating. Cute pictures of little roosters, fun celebrations with dragon dances, and then there was the picture of oranges. Not quite sure what that was about, but I'm sure someone will fill me in.

So here it is, our little twist on Chinese New Year- yes, a few days behind, but fun nonetheless. I have to give props to my brother, Jeric for doing all of the editing, special effects and voiceover. His efforts made my vision come to life with so much fun!!! I hope you enjoy it!

OH! And don't forget to vote... you'll see what I mean :)

*Side note- you'll want to turn your volume up all the way.

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